A Month of Reaching Out

The Birmingham ISB Branch had a number of events and Iftaars that took place during Ramadhan this year, attended and supported by Islamic Society of Britain volunteers and members.  We had great publicity for the events, which has been great for raising awareness of the blessed month of Ramadhan and fasting to the wider public.

Iftaar at the Synagogue –  21st May

Three women from Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds spoke briefly about ‘Flourishing as women in our faiths’. This Iftaar was attended by around 30 women.


Hope not Hate ‘Iftaar Together’ with the Sikh and Muslim communities – 24th May

The event took place at a local community centre and was attended by about 100 people.


Iftaar at the Church – 8th May.

This Iftar took place at St Peter’s Church, Hall Green. It was hosted by various organisations, including ISB Birmingham. The theme of the evening was around caring for the environment. Attendees wrote pledges on what they will do personally to help towards caring for the environment on a leaf cut from a card and hung it on a tree. This was attended by 100 people of various backgrounds.


Brummie Iftaar

This was an open community Iftar in a different part of the city. People were free to come along and join in. Some people who would not normally fast, did so in solidarity with the Muslims!



Unity Street Iftaar – 11th May

This Iftar took place in the car park of a Mosque. Attended by over 600 people. The theme was ‘Shared Planet’. Due to previous experience of torrential rain on the day of the event last year, we played it safe, by having indoor space of a mosque as a back up too. This also came in handy!!



Walsall College Iftaar – 22nd May

This took Iftaar was attended by over 100 people. This Iftaar gave students (who had special needs) a chance to reflect on and speak about their experiences of visiting different places of worship as they present their ideas to staff.

This Iftar stood out for me, as students and staff were all involved in not only cooking the food and presentation but also took part in presenting their views before and after visiting the different places of worship.


Moseley Iftaar – 25th May

This took place in the Moseley area of Birmingham in a church. The theme here was ‘Love’. Beautiful atmosphere, where all communities worked together to make it happen.

If you would like to get involved in future activities in Birmingham, please drop us an email: [email protected]