Birmingham Update October 2019

The Birmingham branch has the following areas of work:
• Young Muslims
• Family Circle
• ISB Members’ Circle
• Interfaith and Intra-faith Activities
• Unity FM

Young Muslims
Our local YM coordinator is Arslan Rafiq who leads a team of 8 dedicated brothers and sisters who meet
regularly to run the iCircle. We now have 80 girls and boys attending the iCircle every Friday 7-9pm during
term time, and the majority are signed up as YM members. As part of their continuing development, the
attendees have been split into two levels: Level 1 is the basic level while Level 2 is more intensive. We also
have events taking place outside of the iCircle such as Qiyam-ul-Layl’s and Laser Quest which have proved to
be popular. The iCircle also provides experience in public speaking for all its attendees, and we are planning
to allocate projects for the young people to get involved in and insha’Allah take a lead on.

Family Circle
This is coordinated by Saimah and Muhammad Qureshi. It takes place 6 monthly on a weekend and is well
attended. We have external speakers and food is provided. Members are also encouraged to bring a dish to
share. There is a separate programme for under 6 year olds and one for up to 10 year olds.

ISB Members’ Circle
This takes place monthly and is taken by Dr Zahid Parwez. The circle has its own syllabus and will take 2
years to complete. Unfortunately, attendance has been hit and miss from our members, but we have now
opened it up to the public and are advertising on UnityFM.

Interfaith and intrafaith activities
These take place ad-hoc throughout the year. Mahmooda Qureshi is very well connected in the interfaith
community and has also worked hard at developing contacts with many groups within the Muslim
community, including Shias. What we have learned is that we have many things in common and share issues
which we are all concerned about. As part of this our YM joined forces with The Feast, a Christian Youth
Group, to pack and distribute emergency winter survival kits for the Homeless.

Unity FM
Birmingham ISB members have been actively involved with Unity FM, a 24/7/365 community radio station
broadcasting to the Muslim community of Birmingham, since it was established in 2006. Unity FM is now
Europe’s largest community radio station.

Mahmouda Qureshi

ISB Birmingham Branch in-charge