ISB Ramadan E-Circles and Qiyams

ISB & CAMPUS Join us and be inspired for our e-circle on Wednesday 7th April[…..]

Islamic Slavery Series

Dr Rizwan Syed has led 4 fantastic e-circles on the topic of Slavery. He examined[…..]

Gender Ethics with Dr Sara Saigol and Dr Rizwan Syed: Video

The Beauty of Gender in The Quran covering: – The Quranic Ethical Paradigm – Pairs[…..]

Ummah: It’s Time To Rise

Asalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh! ISB and ISB Campus in conjunction with the South ISocs would[…..]

ISB Schools Initiative

The Launch of ISB Schools Initiative!!! Awareness Seminar Friday 12th February 19:30-20:45 • Would you[…..]

Islam & the Abolition of Slavery

    Islam and the Abolition of Slavery With Dr Sara Saigol and Dr Rizwan[…..]

Women In Mosques

  ISB and ISB Campus present “Women in Mosques” Addressing the Neglected Needs of Women[…..]

Capitalism is Broken: Does Islam Offer an Economic Solution

Salaam everyone! The finance masterclass “Capitalism is broken: Does Islam Offer an Economic Solution?” With[…..]

The Nature of Human – Reminder by Aman Sibh

By Aman Sibh The nature of humans is a topic that comes up a lot[…..]