ISB Campus E-Circles Returns for 2020/21 Academic Year

Event Start Date:
25th October 2020
Event End Date:
25th October 2021
Event Venue:

We are excited to announce that the ISB Campus e-circles will re start on Wednesday 4th November at 20:15 (and will continue every two weeks thereafter)

What is a ‘Good Muslim’: Revealing Islam’s Spiritual Code

We like to call people a ‘good Muslim’ or a ‘bad Muslim’ but who actually decides?Is it based on what Muslims say, on Muslim culture? Or is it based on the Shari’ah or scholars, or the example of the Prophet (S) or the Qur’an? If it’s the Qur’an, then which bits?We will unpick these searching questions to reveal the indisputable Spiritual Code of Islam… Follow this Code and you will enter Jannah!


Zoom ID: 869 9438 0197