Our Vision

British Muslim youth exploring faith in a contemporary, friendly and spiritual way


Mission Statement

A space for young British Muslims to:

  • Explore faith together
  • Nurture a generation of positive purpose, balance and moral integrity.
  • Cultivate a strong confident British Muslim identity.
  • Actively participate and contribute to mainstream society by standing firmly for the values of justice and social concern.


The Vision Explained


  • To develop youth communities who represent purpose, balance, concern and moral integrity while feeling a deep connection to their faith and its values.

British identity

  • By drawing on this deep well of spirituality as well as on our connections as citizens of Britain today, we can stand firm for justice, social concern and positive endeavor; engaging actively with those around us.
  • ISB Campus hopes to support and cultivate a strong, vibrant and confident British Muslim youth identity; rooted in faith and in belonging here, today; encouraging contributions to the structures of civic society


  • To develop and support learning, reflection as well as the development of key life skills through conversations with scholars, activists and specialists in their respective fields.


  • To engender the development of concern for all those around us; building connections and understanding in order to establish more cohesive neighborhoods and communities.


  • ISB Campus aims to provide a space that is friendly, warm, nurturing and embracing to young people from all spectrums of life and backgrounds in order to find a common place we can all identify warmly with.


Statement of Values

  • Our purpose is to please Allah and develop our Taqwa
  • We believe in:
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement
    • A Culture of Learning
    • Equality of all attendees
    • The Values of Compassion/ Mercy/ Respect and Friendliness