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The ISB relies heavily upon the support of members to keep our work going. We engage hundreds of young people throughout our networks across the country, whether it’s the Young Muslims UK – our flagship project which has been going for 30 years! Or our ISB Campus project, which engages 17 to 26 year olds on Islam and contemporary issues. Both projects are vital in helping nurture our future generations to be grounded in the faith and as British citizens.

Other activities across the UK include family circles, scouts activities, homeless feeds and other community-centred activities. Some of our work includes engaging with the wider community in helping them better understand Islam and Muslims.

Becoming a member will help us continue our invaluable work. Please join us!

We have 3 types of membership:

1. Young Muslims UK
The Young Muslim UK is a national project that offers young people a safe space to develop and grow both emotionally and spiritually. Through various engaging activities, young people 11-16 years of age develop friendships as well as build on social and spiritual knowledge.

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2. ISB Campus
Campus is a diverse space for young people to freely discuss, debate and learn about their religion in an open and safe environment. The UK wide community aims to bring people closer to the Creator through themed day courses, residential events and other activities like online learning.

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17-26 year olds


3. Ordinary membership 
For nearly three decades, ISB’s uniquely British flavour to Islam and welcoming and open-minded approach, has attracted many from very diverse, multi-ethnic communities of Muslims across the UK. The message of the ISB facilitates an atmosphere where people feel safe, protected and experience an opportunity to build and preserve their identity through strengthening themselves intellectually and spiritually. We organise dinners, coffee mornings, lectures, concerts, mosque open days, tree planting, inter faith events, community volunteering and film shows – to name a few.

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