Luton Update October 2019

I have been Branch Coordinator for Luton since April 2018, being selected at our last Members’ Meeting
after the election of our current executive (shura) committee. Our main focus has been to rebuild the Luton
branch at the grass-roots, having a robust platform for future growth.

We hold an open meeting for families every four weeks, allowing men and women of all ages to get to know
local Muslims, have topical discussions and be enlightened with a study circle, all in a relaxed and friendly

These sessions are conducted by invited guest speakers such as Imam Ajmal Masroor. We have also varied
the programme to include Islamic art classes and outdoor family walks in local countryside.

Community work
ISB Luton has taken part in a number of events working with the wider community. We invested in buying
a stall, together with a selection of leaflets, setting it up at the Big Iftaar and Inspire FM’s Eid Festivals,
attracting a lot of interest in our local and national work. We also helped Families Relief charity to raise
£15,000 at their Luton charity dinner.
Wisdom and Tea
In June 2019, Sr Najda Khan began a circle primarily for young women aged 15+ to learn about faith,
education and life in general – through the context of Islam. This growing project is currently held
One-off Events
In May 2018 we held a public lecture with Sh Tamim and Ajmal Masroor for Ramadan preparations, and in
April 2019 we welcomed Sr Henrietta Szovati for this year’s Ramadan.
The future?
Looking ahead, ISB Luton is sponsoring a Scouts group that launched in September 2019 with plans to
expand the group since demand for this facility is high in Luton. We hope to begin structured activities for
Young Muslims as well as better tarbiyyah sessions for our membership.
Soheb Siddiqi
Branch Coordinator