Manchester Update October 2019

Manchester is one of ISB’s more active branches though not without its issues of co-ordinating activities
over such a wide geographical area. Also the many mosques and organisations around the city provide a
great service for both Muslim and non-Muslim oriented activities. As examples we have Heritage Radio
offering daily broadcasts, the Muslim Lifetsyle Expo every October and centres like the Muslim Youth
Foundation, British Muslim Heritage Centre and the nearby European Institute of Islamic Sciences.

Our main activities over the last year:
Family Circle
The Circle is very popluar with branch members and is held every 3-6 months. Around 100 people attend.

Boys Circle
This is delivered every week for secondary school boys. Around 5-10 boys attend regulalrly.

Homeless Feed
Around 50 -100 people are fed for a Sunday lunch. The feed happens every few months.


Our walks are 1-2 times a year and associated with a charity or a reminder. They are usually somewhere in
the local countryside.

Youth Care Home VisitsVery popular activity with secondary school children visiting a care home for the elderly: around 10 children
each time. The project is currently on hold pending new project in-charge.

Future Plans
These revolve around making better use of the family circle with respect to activities for the various
participants and doing more work in Ramadan
Tawqeer Rashid
Branch Coordinator