Sheffield Update October 2019

Assalamu Alaikum
By the grace of Almighty Allah, the Sheffield Branch have been able to do the Following:

– Organised a conference in Methodist Church on ‘The Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH’ – around 150
peoples attend.
– A tour around UK in churches discussing Islam and the plight of refugees. We work with a number of Agencies
to be a voice for Islam, including with Police.
– Organised a festival to celebrate multi cultures.

Community Outreach
– Organised a public meeting to condemn the atrocities in Manchester, the gun shooting In New Zealand and
in America. I gave an interview on BBC Radio and Yorkshire Television on the atrocities.
– A meeting to discuss the rise in Hate Crime, which includes a regular school assembly on this.
– We also have monthly homeless dinners which attracts a regular number of homeless people. We work with
a church with a food bank, and have launched a food bank with Sheffield Council of Mosques.
– I was invited to be member of a panel at a secondary school with over 300 children attending.

During Ramadan for a full 30 days (8.30 till 10 am) I hosted a Multifath Show . Many people came and we
discussed many Issues. We also organised Ramadan Iftaar and 70 non Muslims attended. A Mosque Open Day
where around 90 people attend.

There is a lot of work need to be done, unfortunately everyone is busy with family and work. By the Grace
of Allah we managed to make our voice heard. Please volunteer your time and join me in our vast work in

May Allah reward you all, ameen.
Abdol Kadir